Not for Profit

Non-profit making clubs, charities, and organisations make a huge difference to all our lives; that's why Mendip likes to help.

When it comes to Not For Profit clubs, organisations and charities we have an even more flexible, open and accommodating approach. We understand the challenges and pressures you face and will do all we can to find a way to deliver the programme you want to your timetable and budget.

Many of our staff owe their love of the outdoors to N4P organisations so we will always try our best to meet your budgets and requirements. Whether you are looking for a half or full day, overnight or week long activity adventure for your group, we can arrange something for you!

We have organised many charity events including charity abseils down some of the country's most prestigious buildings or stunning landscapes, right across the nation.


    Charity Events

    Mendip Outdoor Pursuits continues to find innovative, engaging and exciting ways for national charities and their supporters to raise sponsorship. Charities have raised in excess of £34,000 in a single day working with us to facilitate their events.

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    Scouts and Guides

    Mendip owes a lot to Baden Powell. All our senior team went through Scouting and we find ex-Scouts/Guides make the best recruits in the outdoor industry! As a thank you we offer some great discounts exclusively for the Scouting movement!

    Mendip Outdoor Pursuits firmly believes in scouting as an institution that really provides a unique experience for young people; teaching self-reliance and an instilling a real understanding and appreciation of the outdoors. We want to encourage Scouting by providing safe, challenging activities with the most up to date equipment using fully qualified instructors at a price that's affordable; that's why we discount every scout group. We can provide transport from any of the local scout camp grounds or from any local scout hut.

    Whether you're a local troop or unit wanting activities in an evening or you're visiting the area for a camp; we can provide an unforgettable experience that will enhance your programme.


    Clubs and Organisations

    We have more than 25 years experience providing quality outdoor activities for non-profit making organisations. We've developed considerable expertise in this area, and can comfortably cater for up to 150 participants a day

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    Team days

    All our outdoor activities require teamwork and co-operation. We can provide innovative, exciting and challenging sessions to unite any team. Our instructors will ensure participants recognise and appreciate the inherent transferable skills they have developed.

    Mendip has had many years of experience arranging structured team events to develop specific team orientated objectives. In a lot of cases team orientated days can just be about fun, in which the addition of challenge and competition motivates participants so they get the most from themselves, the team and the experience.

    Team skills are an essential part of everyday life but these skills have to be developed and practiced like any other ability. Outdoor activities provide ideal opportunities for participants to see the effects of their decisions and actions, as well as the benefits of making personal changes to their conduct. Most importantly this can be achieved in a safe and supportive environment that ensures both physical and psychological wellbeing.

    Whatever the intended outcome of your chosen event we will find the most suitable activities, locations and facilities to meet your exact requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs further.

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    Not for Profit Prices

    We have a flexible approach to pricing for all of our clients. Whether it's a session for an individual, a small group for half a day, a weekend course or a national charity event we will build a programme around your budget and requirements.

    Give us a call!

    We're happy to talk over the phone, visit you or give you the grand tour here. We can put together a custom programme specifically for you and your organisation.


    1.5 hour session for up to 8: £123 or less
    Half day session up to 8: £198 or less
    Full day programme up to 8: £390 or less

    Prices include tuition by fully qualified instructors, use of all specialist equipment and Public Liability Insurance (£5m)



    Eat in our rooftop cafe-bar overlooking our ski slope, book a buffet lunch, Hog Roast or BBQ. Whatever your catering requirements we'll have the perfect solution.

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